Chrysanthema LAhr, geschmückter Sonnenplatz mit Besuchern

Garden Worlds

The thematic flower bed in the historical setting of the Tiefburg displays hundreds of Chrysanthemum bushes, arranged in fantastic, floral patterns.


Visitors pass through three magical gardens at the Museumsplatz. Meter-high chrysanthemum pyramids symbolise oversized magicians’ hats. More than 2000 pink, lilac and white chrysanthemum bushes embed the
magic gadgets in a fantastic world. A special photo opportunity is provided by a large, heart-shaped flower frame.


Magical flower formations grow in the middle of a sea of bronze-coloured Chrysanthemum bushes. The people look tiny next to the huge, metertall giant flowers, whose petals consist of cascading chrysanthemums.


Memories of bygone times are awakened: A mill wheel refers to the historical course of the Schutter, which used to drive the former mill at this location.

People have always been enchanted by gardens and parks. The landscape gardeners’ themed flower beds bring the magic of green oases closer to visitors over just a few square meters.

The Urteilsplatz has been thematically devoted to the Chrysanthemum culture in Japan for more than ten years. Centuries of knowledge of Chrysanthemums have been passed on by the priests of the shrine for
many generations. Lahr is the only city in Germany to have the opportunity to participate in this amazing cultural heritage thanks to our friendship with the city of Kasama – a real honour! Four showcases present
different aspects of chrysanthemum culture in Japan. When you look at them, the chrysanthemum bonsai trees with the filigree design induce meditative contemplation, which is the basis of Bonsai culture.

The chrysanthemum goes back 2000 years in the cultural history of China and Japan, and became the national flower of Japan as the symbol of the emperor. The gardeners are presenting special types of Japanese
chrysanthemum, protected from the weather. Large single shoot blossoms (Ogiku). Traditionally, chrysanthemum figures can be seen in the temples in the autumn. They represent a particular challenge to the gardeners. Hundreds of cuttings are planted in the wire frames by hand.

The Europa Park is internationally recognised as the best amusement park in the world. The numerous attractions lie in the middle of a magnificent park. The Europa Park gardeners are presenting a magically designed
Chrysanthemum bed at the Sonnenplatz.

The apprentices of the Bau- und Gartenbetriebes Lahr show their skills: Between chrysanthemums, grasses, wells and atmospheric lighting the walk-on flower bed with its peaceful benches invites you to pass the time.


At Rosenbrunnen, five magical chrysanthemum mushrooms show the way into fantastic Lahr during the Chrysanthema. A frog made from flowers sits on the well, waiting for the kiss that will awaken it.


A walk-on hall of mirrors blurs the lines between reality and fantasy: The visitors are immersed into a world of yellow, bronze and orange chrysanthemums. Transformed for the Eurodistrict, the flower bed blurs the formal borders between France and Germany and unites the people in a common environment. The gardeners of our twin city, Dole, have surprised visitors time and time again in new ways for more than 20 years with a enchantingly designed large-scale flower bed. Dole is a green city amongst the diverse nature of Franche Comté. The two partnered Alsatian communities of Erstein and Benfeld are also presenting an enchanting chrysanthemum arrangement.